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The Riskiest Hire? Your First Sales Rep.

Have you mapped out exactly what you want this person to do, and, more importantly, be?

Practice the Magical Strength of Vulnerability

Stop thinking of vulnerability as a weakness; it's a leadership strength.

7 Caustic Management Behaviors to Avoid

Want to drive off your best and brightest? Here's exactly what to do, or, actually, not do.

Focus on Your Top Talent for Maximum Staff Development ROI

Trying to bring low performers up to speed seldom works, while taking high performers for granted leaves them feeling unappreciated.

Why You Don't Need an HR Manager. Really.

The reason is that so many HR functions are now automated and outsourced to experts.

How an Atlanta Company Used 'Sherpas' to Facilitate Onboarding

Pairing new and veteran employees for training purposes resulted in two unexpected, and welcome, benefits.

From Ordinary to Awesome Employee-Manager One-to-One's

Five tips for making meetings the employee-engagement tools they should be.

Leading By Accountability Is Contagious

Accountable behavior from the C-suite down leads to clarity and unmatched productivity in the workplace.

Inspired Company Meetings Will Energize Employees

Add some pizzazz to quarterly gatherings and rally employees around your vision.

Your First 5 Days as a New Manager

Making the right moves during this critical time will ensure your success.

'What Did You Say?' Is Your Employee Feedback Getting Through?

You may need to focus on giving more positive comments along with the negative ones.

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Screw up the Hiring Process

"Tap the brakes" if you're hiring before you know what you're hiring for.

What Is Your Company's Kentucky Derby?

Establish company traditions to help you jockey for the best talent out there.