Bhuvaneshwari Sawant and Sonal Gadhvi

Bhuvaneshwari Sawant and Sonal Gadhvi


What is Your Legacy?

When thinking about your legacy, focus on what matters to you

The Age of the Employee - Understanding the Modern Concept

How can an entrepreneur deepen and nurture his relationship with the employee!

How can an Entrepreneur Increase Productivity through Upskilling and Re-skilling

Upskilling and reskilling can both be great for your career, they can challenge your notions of what you're capable and diversify your aspirations

Power Dressing and Influence in Today's Entrepreneurial and Startup World

These tips can be applied to both Indian and western looks and are great for anyone who wants to start power dressing

The age of 'Personal Branding'

Smoothing the manner in which you present yourself can make you feel far more in control of how people perceive you, behave with you, and respond to you, and make you far more confident in your interactions with people and the events around you