Brian H. Robb

Brian H. Robb

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
CMO at & Former CMO to the worlds #1 Marketing Influencer.

Brian H. Robb is the CMO at, along with the Former CMO of the world's #1 Marketing Influencer, according to Forbes. He received his MBA from Imperial College London and a master's degree in real estate from Bayes Business School.

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How To Overcome Adversity and Persevere as an Entrepreneur

Learn success strategies from successful entrepreneurs like Michael Jordan and Stephen Hawking to help you overcome your next adversity.

The 3 Success Secrets Every Entrepreneur Needs To Follow

Learning how to communicate through active listening, complete writing and constructive ideas is the key to success for every entrepreneur.

What Benjamin Franklin and Tony Robbins Can Teach You About Self-Improvement

For thousands of years, successful people have taught that success begins with self-belief. That belief, coupled with persistence and action is the path that leads to happiness and the pride of accomplishment.

How to Turn Failures Into Wins As an Entrepreneur

Admitting failure can be difficult, but it is necessary for growth and progress. Practice these five steps to overcome failure and get back into the game.

Building Your Personal Brand

Failing to manage your reputation leaves you overlooked and undervalued.

Características de las personas extraordinarias

¿Qué diferencia a los "ganadores" del juego de la vida del resto de la población?

Characteristics of Extraordinary People

What makes the "winners" in the game of life different than the rest of the population?

Sal de tu zona de confort, toma riesgos y corre con los perros grandes

El miedo al fracaso impide que la mayoría de las personas se den cuenta de su verdadero potencial. Se olvidan de que las lecciones más importantes provienen del fracaso.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, Take Risks and Run With the Big Dogs

Fear of failure keeps most people from ever realizing their true potential. They forget that the most important lessons come from failure.

4 Critical Traits You Need to Build Wealth

Wealth is not gained by passively reading or listening.

Positive Thoughts + Positive Actions = Positive Results

A combination of the physical, mental and emotional energies that result from belief in oneself, positivity has repeatedly been demonstrated to be essential for success; as long as it's consistently married to action.

Pensamientos Positivos + Acciones Positivas = Resultados Positivos

Una combinación de las energías físicas, mentales y emocionales que resultan de creer en uno mismo, la positividad ha demostrado repetidamente que es esencial para el éxito; siempre y cuando esté consistentemente casado con la acción.

La anticipación es la clave del éxito

Todo el mundo ha escuchado que "la suerte sucede cuando la preparación se encuentra con la oportunidad", pero lo que se está preparando es una anticipación de alto nivel, y esto es lo que eso significa.

Anticipation is the Key to Success

Everyone's heard that "luck happens when preparation meets opportunity," but what you're preparing for is high-level anticipation, and here's what that means. 

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