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Hey, what about the law to legalize marijuana in Mexico?

We tell you what the legislation is going to regulate cannabis in the country as of June 2021.

Cannabis Industry in Mexico: This is what taxes would be like and their effects on the market

Mexico is shaping up to be one of the main industry markets in the world, if we can configure and establish an attractive and competitive market.

What's Next in the Cannabis Release Process?

We are about to witness what appears to be the end of the approval process for the Federal Law for the Regulation of Cannabis in Mexico.

The cannabis industry, a market outlook for the next 10 years

Investors around the world have shown increasing interest in investing in the industry anticipating excellent returns.

Marijuana: From the wild plant to its possible legislation in Mexico in 2021

The plant went from being cultivated by our ancestors, to being banned and now reintroduced to society. How was this path?

Summary of the history of cannabis

About 1,800 years ago, cannabis was used as a method of anesthesia before any operation, in combination with alcohol and other herbs.

How to invest in cannabis stocks

We share an approach that could be used as a frame of reference to start investing in the cannabis industry recognizing the different risks.

Legalization of marijuana in Mexico, where are we really?

What is being discussed today was also promoted through legal mechanisms where it was argued that the prohibition of the free consumption of cannabis is a violation of the right of free development of the personality.

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