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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Land's End on dynamic customer service.

Seasoning Your Sales

Year-round marketing will spice up profits for your seasonal business.

Closing The Deal

5 Surefire ways to make the sale

Check It Out

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25 Part-Time Businesses To Start Today!

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Become A Business Diplomat

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Finding Your Niche

Discover your strengths to distinguish your business from the rest of the crowd.

25 Super Sales Secrets

5 Experts Reveal Successful Selling Tips To Help You Close The Deal.


8 Ways to de-craze, unwind and refocus on your business

Fastest Growing Trends

6 New directions for today's franchises.

Fortune Seller

Tough cookie Brad Edwards has a gift for making fortunes.

Mans Best Friends

John Mullins' poochies prove that coffee and canines can make a profitable mix.

Keep 'Em Coming Back For More

6 creative ways to maintain customer satisfaction

Can You Get There From Here?

Research your market to determine if your business idea will work.