Chas Fields

Senior Partner, HCM Advisory & Human Insights Group

Chas Fields is a senior partner in the HCM advisory and human-insights group at UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), where he helps organizations create great employee experiences by optimizing the intersection of people, process and technology.

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Employee Feedback: Our Biggest Asset in the War on Talent

The war on talent has never been more prevalent, or more confusing.

Three Reasons Why It's Never Too Early to Invest in HR

Many startups and small businesses view human resources as an unavoidable cost center rather than a strategic contributor to their success. Here's why investing in HR sooner rather than later can pay dividends in the long run.

Tres razones por las que nunca es demasiado pronto para invertir en recursos humanos

Muchas nuevas empresas y pequeñas empresas ven a los recursos humanos como un centro de costos inevitable más que como un contribuyente estratégico para su éxito. He aquí por qué invertir en RR.HH. más temprano que tarde puede pagar dividendos a largo plazo.

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