Chris Patton, MBA

Chris Patton, MBA

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Founder of GoalPoint Employee Planning

Chris Patton is a connector of people, builder of teams and crusher of goals. She's spent her entire adult life building achievement-driven teams, consulting leaders, teaching future leaders and helping businesses build teams they can trust.

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How to Keep Your Most Valued Employees During 'The Great Resignation'

Companies that keep the best people on their team know that every employee's healthy work-life balance is different.

Cómo mantener a sus empleados más valiosos durante 'la gran renuncia'

Las empresas que mantienen a las mejores personas en su equipo saben que el equilibrio saludable entre el trabajo y la vida personal de cada empleado es diferente.

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Learn how to find, develop, and lead talent to reach your most ambitious business goals.

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How to Create a Workflow That'll Get Employees to Reach Your Business Goals

Create a systematic, repeatable process to help employees reach even your most ambitious business goals.

Cómo crear un flujo de trabajo que hará que los empleados alcancen sus objetivos comerciales

Cree un proceso sistemático y repetible para ayudar a los empleados a alcanzar incluso sus objetivos comerciales más ambiciosos.

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