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5 რამ, რასაც ყველაზე წარმატებული ანტრეპრენერები აკეთებენ (ადამიანთა უმრავლესობა კი - არა)

როდესაც ხედავთ, რამდენი წარმატებული ადამიანი აკეთებს ერთსა და იმავეს, მათგან გაკვეთილების მიღებაც ღირს და ჩვევების სწავლაც

Is Automation Hurting Your Business?

Systems and processes can actually work against you if you scale up your supply without corresponding demand.

¿Existen hábitos para el éxito? 5 cosas que hacen algunos empresarios (que la mayoría de la gente no hace)

Cuando ves a muchas personas exitosas diferentes haciendo las mismas cosas, vale la pena aprender las lecciones. Toma nota.

5 Things Super-Successful Entrepreneurs Do (That Most People Don't)

When you see many different successful people doing the same things, it's worth learning the lessons and habits.

Assume Potential Customers Don't Know Anything About Anything

Your prospects don't know the awards you've won or the flagship clients you've served. They don't know how reliably you've solved problems in the past. They don't know what to do next. You have to spell it all out for them.

Should Entrepreneurs Join the New Social Media App Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is the latest social media platform to attract explosive user growth with entrepreneurs and business people. Should you be using this app or focusing on your business?

I Asked AI to Write This Post for Me. Here Are the Results.

Daniel Priestley asked an AI to help him write this blog about whether AIs can write business blogs. The results are surprising.

Working Crazy Hours Is Exhausting, Draining and Painful. But Sorry Entrepreneurs, It's Necessary.

Why entrepreneurs need to work next-to-impossible hours in the early days of their businesses.

How to Make Big Decisions When Facing an Unpredictable Future

Stop the quest for a beginning or an end. Let go of clear boundaries. There are no right answers – only directionally correct answers.

When Business Becomes a Global Force for Good

Inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who are fighting to make the world a better place.

4 Pillars for Raising Entrepreneurial Children

Instill creativity, responsibility and a willingness to try new things in the next generation of entrepreneurs in your life.

¿Es este un mal momento para ser emprendedor?

No, si estás dispuesto a encontrar un mercado, identificar un problema y ser creativo para resolverlo.

Is This a Bad Time to Be an Entrepreneur?

Not if you're willing to find a market, identify a problem and get creative in solving it.