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WallStreetBets Fuels Cannabis Investor Flameout

There is so much promise for the cannabis industry, but so much zigging and zagging in search of sustainable profitability.
Legal Marijuana

Why Are Southern States Still Pushing Back on Legalizing Marijuana?

The South may be quietly adjusting to the new legalization landscape. But for now, the good ol' white guys prevail, and Christians claim to have the Bible on their side.

Hemp: Is It Marijuana or Not?

A 2011 study found that "marijuana and hemp are significantly differentiated at a genome-wide level," further confusing hemp's legal status.

So, How Did Sativa Really Become The 'Energy Queen' Of Cannabis?

The sativa strain you see in your favorite dispensary is pretty much a human engineered phenomenon created over thousands of years of human breeding and cross breeding, and is still being tweaked today.

Go Ahead And Admit You're A Proud Stoner, Especially If You're A New One

The fast and friendly movement of cannabis over the last few years has reeled in a lot of first-timers, many of them senior citizens, who don't think of themselves as stoners.