Derek Riedle

Derek Riedle

Guest Writer
Founder and Publisher, Civilized Worldwide Inc.

About Derek Riedle

Derek Riedle is an entrepreneur and a bit of a futurist, with an astute blend of business-savvy and creative execution. He has the uncanny ability to spot trends and turn them into business opportunities. He is the visionary behind Civilized, a lifestyle brand that was inspired by the exponential growth of cannabis culture. Derek knows that responsible, successful cannabis consumers are not widely represented and portrayed in mainstream media. Like him, they are motivated, productive professionals, and responsible members of society. With that, the idea behind Civilized came to life in 2015. Together with his wife and business partner, Terri, they have built a burgeoning and innovative cannabis media company that is taking the business world by storm. Derek has become an industry leader and influential figure in the North American cannabis revolution. He believes, “It’s time for North America to embrace the reality of cannabis and its uses. It’s time to break free of the cannabis closet.” 

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