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Native Americans Jump Way Ahead in Selling Legal Cannabis

While state governments dawdle, tribes like the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe are quickly setting up legal cannabis retail operations.

Massachusetts Awards Weed Delivery Licenses Exclusively to Social Equity Applicants

The unprecedented policy aims to address the damage wrought by the war on drugs.

Will Germany Decriminalize Marijuana?

With its elections complete, the country is poised to make major reforms to its cannabis policy.

The World Anti-Doping Agency Will Review Its Policy on Weed

The review may be a response to the fallout from track star Sha'Carri Richardson's ban from the Olympics.

Which States Will Legalize Recreational Weed Next?

Toss out those stereotypical notions of red and blue states. When it comes to legalizing marijuana, states from both sides of the divide want in.

CBD Improves Cognitive Function In Traumatic Brain Injury Victims, New Study Finds

Researchers report that CBD helped improve memory and other cognitive functions for those with TBI. 

For Chronic Pain Sufferers, Cannabis "May Be a Source of Hope"

A look at new research on the benefits of weed for those with fibromyalgia.

The Insurance Industry Is Poised For Huge Profits Thanks to Weed

Savvy insurance companies know they have an unparalleled opportunity to provide coverage in a new and growing industry--if and when Congress acts.

Nevada Wants to Open Cannabis Lounges in 2022

Giving consumers the chance to enjoy weed outside of private residences.

Cannabis Billboards Face a Ban in Michigan

That's bad news for the cannabis industry, which has turned to billboards as a marketing opportunity.

Lawmakers in Illinois Wants to Protect Workers Who Use Weed During Their Off Hours

You can drink alcohol when you're not at work. A new law in Illinois is trying to make it safe to use cannabis, too.

New Health Study Will Pay People to Smoke Weed

A cannabis advocacy website will give you $1,500 to work as a "cannabis effects specialist."