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A Healthcare Worker Is Suing a Hospital System for Not Hiring Him Because He Uses Medical Marijuana

The Arkansas lawsuit points to a larger national issue. What rights do medical marijuana users have?

Pot-Sniffing Dogs Are Enjoying an Early Retirement

With marijuana legal in so many states, the dogs' work is no longer needed.
Medical Marijuana

What You Need to Know About Cannabis Nurses

As the number of people using medical marijuana continues to grow, nursing with a focus on treating patients with cannabis has emerged as a new career field
Survey Says

Has There Been An Increase in Cannabis Use Among Teens in Legal States?

A new survey reveals some surprising findings.
Health and Wellness

Cannabis May Reduce Involuntary Shaking

Researchers say that by activating a cell that reduces essential tremors and involuntary shaking, cannabis may provide a new way to treat medical conditions that impact millions

Philadelphia Bans Marijuana Drug Tests for Employment Screening (with Exceptions)

The city joins a number of others loosening restrictions on cannabis use. But not everyone is off the hook.

Cherokee Leaders Decriminalize Marijuana in North Carolina

The Tribal Council moved ahead of state leaders, passing a new law decriminalizing marijuana and allowing medical use.

A New Study Finds that CBD Can Kill Certain Bacteria. Does This Make it an Antibiotic?

Researchers say CBD has the potential to be the first new class of antibiotics for resistant bacteria in 60 years.
Legal Matters

A Thomas Jefferson University Employee Was Fired Over Medical Marijuana Use. So She Fired Back.

The university is home to a medical marijuana research center.
Criminal convictions

Marijuana Legalization Doesn't Mean Immediate Release for Virginia Inmates

"It makes no sense to me," says one state senator.

The Number of Americans Who Support Marijuana Legalization Will Surprise You

New findings from the Pew Research Center.

How Long Does a Cannabis High Last?

Researchers in Australia release findings on cannabis impairment.

The Most Conservative Sport Has the Most Weed-Smoking Fans

Come game day, they light up like they're at a Phish concert.
Jay Z

Jay-Z Sets Up a $10 Million Seed Fund for Minority-Owned Cannabis Businesses

The rapper-turned-mogul wants to help people of color achieve their rightful place in the industry.

Illinois Makes More Money from Cannabis Taxes than It Does from Liquor Taxes

And the state is putting that money to good use.