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Can CBD Be Used to Treat Cocaine Addiction?

A new study from Spain shows promising results.

The Father of Marijuana Research Is Now Working on Synthesizing Cannabis Molecules

In what could prove to be a big part of cannabis' future, Raphael Mechoulam leads a team that's developed a way to create fully stable acid-based cannabinoid molecules.

Chopped 420 Brings Cannabis Cooking Competition to Discovery+

Need proof of the mainstreaming of marijuana? How about a televised cannabis cooking competition show on basic cable.
Revenue Generation

How Much Are States Making In Marijuana Tax Revenue?

Marijuana taxes collected by states has exceeded expectations, giving cash-strapped governments help as the pandemic continues to drastically reduce tax collections

This Is Why Investment in Cannabis Tech Is at Its Highest Level since 2019

The surge in cannabis sales during the pandemic sparked a flurry of investment in the cannabis industry as everyone looks for the boom to continue in 2021 and beyond

Cannabis May Prevent This Major Side Effect of Chemotherapy

Israeli researchers found that those who used cannabis saw a drastic decrease.

All Those Fears About Marijuana Legalization Never Materialized

On the contrary, new research shows that legalization has been great for creating jobs and boosting state budgets.

There Are Fewer Worker Compensation Claims in States Where Marijuana Is Legal

The study of workers ages 40 to 62 found that cannabis had no adverse impact on productivity and offers workers a new, effective form of pain management therapy.

Cannabis Found to Lower Blood Pressure in Older Adults

A new study points toward another way that medical marijuana may help treat a chronic condition that impacts one in every three U.S. citizens.
Legal Marijuana

What Are Merrick Garland's Views on Weed and the War of Drugs?

The likely next U.S. Attorney General has a different take than his last two predecessors.

Canadian Cannabis Sales Skyrocketed 120 Percent in 2020

Providing a glimpse into what national legalization can do, Canada's legal cannabis sales now outstrip illegal sales, and its criminal justice system has become fairer

Can CBD Combat Sleep Disorders?

About 70 million people in the U.S. have chronic sleep problems, but studies have shown CBD may calm the mind and make falling asleep easier.

Idaho Senate Approves Constitutional Ban On Marijuana

State senators say they want to keep Idaho "clean."

New Study Uncovers Benefits (And Lack of Knowledge) of Medical Cannabis

Parkinson's patients in Germany reported relief from pain and muscle cramps, but more than half who have not tried it said they might if more information was available.

Study Says Cannabis Can Help Treat OCD

A recent study showed that cannabis helped to reduce compulsions, intrusive thoughts, and anxiety in those diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder.