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Can Marijuana Help Those With MS?

Some promising research shows that multiple sclerosis patients who use cannabis may experience relief from symptoms.

What You Need to Know About the Multi-Day Cannabis Festival In San Francisco

In a sign of how far cannabis has come, the event is sponsored by the city's tourism board.

Illinois Lawmakers Say You Can't Get Fired for Using Cannabis

The law would protect employees who test positive for marijuana use.

Finally, U.S. Researchers Will Get Access to High-Quality Weed

Groff North America becomes the first of four companies to break the University of Mississippi's decades-long hold on cannabis supply for study.

3 Important Cannabis Legal Cases To Watch Closely in 2022

The verdicts have the potential to impact U.S. cannabis business operations for years to come.

Are You Too High to Drive? A New App Gives You an Answer in Three Minutes

The DRUID app measures the cognitive, motor impairment of those who have consumed cannabis.

Boomers Are Rediscovering Weed

The flower children of the past now use flower for different reasons.

Couch Lock? Cannabis Users More Motivated Than Non-Users, Study Finds

University of Memphis researchers deliver another blow to the lazy stoner myth.

The Surprising Way People Consumed Cannabis In Ancient China

New archeological evidence shows a previously unknown method of consumption thousands of years ago.