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Conan O'Brien Takes a Hit Off a Joint on TV

If ever there was a sign that weed is becoming mainstream, it had to be O'Brien smoking a joint on TV with Seth Rogen

Can Cannabis Help Treat Depression and Anxiety?

More scientific studies have focused on what cannabis can and can't do for those suffering from mental health issues

Finally, There's About to Be an Explosion in U.S Weed Research

The DEA's decision to grant licenses to more growers who produce marijuana for research should jumpstart scientific study in the U.S.

NFL Pledges to Fund $1 Million for Medical Marijuana Research

The research will provide valuable insight for people interested in the use of cannabis for pain management

A Healthcare Worker Is Suing a Hospital System for Not Hiring Him Because He Uses Medical Marijuana

The Arkansas lawsuit points to a larger national issue. What rights do medical marijuana users have?

Pot-Sniffing Dogs Are Enjoying an Early Retirement

With marijuana legal in so many states, the dogs' work is no longer needed.

What You Need to Know About Cannabis Nurses

As the number of people using medical marijuana continues to grow, nursing with a focus on treating patients with cannabis has emerged as a new career field

Cannabis May Reduce Involuntary Shaking

Researchers say that by activating a cell that reduces essential tremors and involuntary shaking, cannabis may provide a new way to treat medical conditions that impact millions

Philadelphia Bans Marijuana Drug Tests for Employment Screening (with Exceptions)

The city joins a number of others loosening restrictions on cannabis use. But not everyone is off the hook.

Cherokee Leaders Decriminalize Marijuana in North Carolina

The Tribal Council moved ahead of state leaders, passing a new law decriminalizing marijuana and allowing medical use.

A New Study Finds that CBD Can Kill Certain Bacteria. Does This Make it an Antibiotic?

Researchers say CBD has the potential to be the first new class of antibiotics for resistant bacteria in 60 years.