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Most Americans Favor Cannabis Legalization, But Not On Bumper Stickers

A new survey shows Americans still have concerns about openly supporting marijuana. While 66 percent support cannabis legalization, only 34 percent would put a cannabis-related bumper sticker on their car.

Marijuana Industry Soars In Midwest, Even As Pandemic Lockdown Continues

Illinois and Michigan have seen rising cannabis sales. Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, recreational dispensaries were not deemed "essential" and still face an uncertain timeline for reopening.

Will States Impacted By Coronavirus Turn To Marijuana Legalization?

Advocates in Texas are pitching the idea that legalizing marijuana can help the state recover billions of lost revenue caused by COVID-19 outbreak.

If You Use Marijuana, You Can't Be A Spy

On the other hand, the CIA does not think you are "bad or unworthy" for using marijuana in the past - just make sure it hasn't been any time in the last 12 months.
International Business

This Is The First Country In The Arab Nation To Legalize Cannabis

Lebanon is officially the first country in the populous Arab region to legalize cannabis. Lebanese leadership hopes exporting medical marijuana can revive its struggling economy.

To Expand Customer Base, Cannabis Companies Need To Offer Consistency

As marijuana goes mainstream, companies look to produce a product that's as reliable as potato chips. A recent survey shows consistency in THC levels is what consumers want.

DEA Proposes Rules To Allow For Expansion Of Marijuana Research In U.S.

The DEA has finally released rules on how the federal agency will evaluate companies that want to grow marijuana for scientific research. It's good news, if it follows through.
Work-Life Balance

Introverts, Marijuana, And Getting High During the Coronavirus

Let's pray for the extroverts. Will stay-at-home measures lead to cannabis legalization sooner rather than later?

Marijuana Businesses Pay Taxes, But Can't Get Federal Disaster Relief

As things stand, marijuana companies can't apply for federal loan funds. That's also blocking them from getting any federal COVID-19 disaster relief money.
Exploring New Markets

This Tiny Country May Become The Next European Cannabis Superpower

The Republic Of North Macedonia on the Balkan Peninsula is one government amendment away from becoming a major player in the growing European marijuana market.

First Marijuana Delivery Starts In Colorado, Just In Time

Six years after adult-use cannabis became legal, delivery is finally allowed in Colorado. It's only available in two cities, so far, with plans to expand in 2021.

Marijuana Dispensaries Offer Essential Services Across The Country. Here's Why It Matters.

Grocery stores, pharmacies, cannabis dispensaries. The historic change for marijuana to be deemed an essential service, explained.

Consumers Reach For Cannabis To Calm Anxiety As COVID-19 Outbreak Continues

Jangled nerves about an uncertain future have led people in Oklahoma - and around the country - to use medical marijuana as a balm for anxiety.

How Popular Are Cannabis Drinks In Canada? Time To Find Out.

The first cannabis-infused drink from the Tweed brand in Canada is about to become available on store shelves and online across the country.

NFL Players Will No Longer Face Suspension For Marijuana, But Do Still Face Fines

The new collective bargaining agreement approved by players allows them to use marijuana - but only if they are willing to pay for it when they get caught.