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This Is Why You Shouldn't Feed Cannabis to a Donkey

Two donkeys were fed cannabis buds and got depressed. Who's the ass?

Why Was Sha'Carri Richardson Banned From the Olympics, But Not Kamila Valieva?

The Russian skater didn't medal, but many wonder why she even got the chance to compete.

A Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside a Dispensary. Genius Move or Inappropriate?

The decision by an enterprising young entrepreneur has its critics and supporters.

Can CBD Stop COVID? Researchers Are Cautiously Optimistic

Tests with animals show promise, but scientists want to move to clinical human tests.

Amazon Backs States Reform Act that Decriminalizes Weed

The announcement follows a series of cannabis reforms positions taken by the mega-company.

A Denver Hotel Wants to Be the First to Offer Guests a Cannabis Smoking Lounge

Tourists can get a rocky mountain high without having to sneak puffs out the window.

Too High to Drive? A New Way to Measure THC Impairment

Harvard researchers believe they've solved a problem that has plagued law enforcement and employers.

Cannabis Revs Up Your Sexual Drive, Study Says

According to Spanish researchers, people who use weed have better sex than those who use booze.

Which European Country Will Legalize Weed Next?

Malta took the lead, but other countries look likely to quickly follow.

Why More and More People Are Using CBN

The cannabinoid has shown a number of potential health benefits.

Can Weed Help You Lose Weight?

Early research suggests THCV may help people with the munchies.

Report: Kids Use Less Marijuana in States That Have Legalized

2021 saw a big drop in cannabis use among high schoolers and middle schoolers.