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Most Of The $1.5 Billion Spent on Cannabis Research Went To Studies Telling People How Bad It Is For Them

A new study shows the majority of cannabis research funding goes to studies that focus on the potentially harmful effects rather than medicinal uses.
Social Media

Why Is Twitter Flagging Searches for Marijuana (And Not Alcohol or Tobacco)?

As part of a government program, the social media platform has been messaging users on the dangers of substance abuse.

Study: Cannabis Does Not Lead to Increased Pain Sensitivity

Research from Canada has found that, unlike opioids, using cannabis as a treatment does not lead to increased pain sensitivity.

The Post Pandemic Cannabis Industry Will Continue To Bloom

A new study reports cannabis sales in 2020 have stabilized at a rate 40 percent higher than in 2019, setting the stage for further growth in a post-coronavirus world

Big Name Celebrities Back E-Commerce Company Dutchie

Rapper Snoop Dogg, NBA star Kevin Durant, and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz are all on board to pass the Dutchie pon the left-hand side.
cannabis industry

Michigan Medical Marijuana Market Could Reach $3 Billion in Sales

The Wolverine state continues to lead the pack in the Midwest.
natural disaster

The Western Wildfires Are Threatening Cannabis Farms

Twenty percent of cannabis farms in Oregon are currently under evacuation, several farms in California are lost, and more are threatened

New Studies Show Promise In Treating COVID-19 With Cannabis

The preliminary studies in Israel and Georgia indicate that cannabis may lessen the severity of so-called cytokine storms.
Black market

As the Legal Cannabis Market Grows, the Illegal Market Shrinks

A Congressional report quantifies what we all suspected was happening: Drug cartels are taking a hit as the legal cannabis market expands.

Louisiana Will Expand Its Medical Marijuana Market

A new law in Louisiana allows physicians to prescribe medical marijuana for any patient whom they think needs it.

Large Study Will Examine THC Treatment For Alzheimer's Patients

Previous studies have found an association between using a synthetic THC product and lower levels of agitation in people with moderate to severe cases of Alzheimer's disease.

U.S. Senator Wants To Legalize Cannabis And Regulate It Like Tobacco

A new bill filed by Sen. Tina Smith of Minnesota would end marijuana prohibition, which she called a failed policy that leads to racist over policing

Cannabis Legalization In One State Does Not Lead To Higher Crime In Neighbor States

When a state legalizes marijuana, it doesn't lead to higher crime in neighboring states, a new study finds. Yet another marijuana myth is buried.
Exploring New Markets

Democrats Keep Cannabis Legalization Out of 2020 Platform

Members of the Democratic National Committee rejected an amendment to the platform that called for legalization by a 105-60 vote.
Market Research

You Can Only Get So High, New Study Finds

The study from Colorado reports that higher levels of THC do not necessarily lead to higher levels of intoxication, a finding that has implications for roadside testing of drivers.