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Drug testing

The NBA Is Done Testing Players for Marijuana. At Least for Now.

Continuing a policy started in the 2020 playoff "bubble," the league confirmed it would not test for cannabis, focusing on "performance-enhancing products and drugs of abuse.
Revenue Generation

California Is Closing in on $2 Billion in Cannabis Tax Revenue

Cash-starved state governments might want to pay attention to what's happening in legal states.

Women Are More Likely Than Men to Swap Pharmaceuticals for Pot

And they're doing it despite getting less support from doctors.
CBD Time

Can You Drive Safely While Using CBD? Study Says Yes.

Researchers found that CBD does not impair driving and the impact of THC is mild after 40 minutes.

Stoner Myth Debunked: Workers Who Use Marijuana Do Not Have More Accidents

A new study shows employees who use cannabis are not at higher risk for injury on the job.
Legalize It

Support For Marijuana Legalization Reaches an All-Time High

Sixty-eight percent of Americans support the legalization of marijuana, the highest level in 50 years

New Study Finds THC May Ease PTSD

Veterans, who are twice as likely to die from opioid overdose than non-veterans, are especially interested in cannabis treatments for PTSD and chronic pain.

In Voting To Make Weed Legal, Mississippians Rejected the Advice of Political Leaders

Government leaders and talk show hosts asked the people of Mississippi to vote against legalizing medical marijuana. They didn't listen.
Legalize It

Israel Inches Closer to Legalizing Cannabis Nationwide

A government task force is reportedly ready to announce its recommendations on making cannabis legal to those over 21.
Senior Care

Boomers Favorite New Meds? Cannabis and CBD

More and more seniors are using weed to treat pain, get better sleep, and reduce their anxiety.
cannabis industry

Italians Love Cannabis Light. What Is It?

Low-dose cannabis shops are booming from Rome to Milan.
Law Enforcement

The DEA Plans To Burn Enormous Amounts Of Weed In Arizona

The federal agency's Phoenix office placed ads for contractors to help incinerate seized illegal marijuana.
Legal Issues

Marijuana Legalization Does Not Lead To More Teens Smoking Pot, Studies Find

In Colorado, use among high school students actually declined.

Can Cannabis Treat Concussions? NHL Players Want To Know

A new study involving NHL alumni and Canopy Growth focuses on the effect of weed on head injuries

Can Cannabis Treat OCD?

A new study shows that weed reduced many symptoms associated with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but more research is needed.