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Dmitry Dragilev

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Dmitry grew a startup from zero to 40 million views per month and got acquired by Google in 2014. He translated his know-how into a SaaS which is now used by 5,000+ entrepreneurs and brands to pitch journalists and get featured in press daily.

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Artificial Intelligence Strategies Startups Should Use to Grow

AI can improve your customer experience, protect your company from data breaches, and optimize your HR processes. 

Estrategias de inteligencia artificial que las startups deberían usar para crecer

La IA puede mejorar la experiencia de sus clientes, proteger a su empresa de filtraciones de datos y optimizar sus procesos de recursos humanos.

The Technologies Consumers Can Use to Combat Fraud

Consumer identity theft and online fraud are at an all-time high.

Las tecnologías que los consumidores pueden usar para combatir el fraude

El robo de identidad del consumidor y el fraude en línea están en su punto más alto.

3 Effective Ways to Pitch Journalists and Bloggers During Covid-19

How to pitch yourself or your business as a resource for journalists.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Content for Better Google Rankings

The search engine is constantly tweaking its approach, and so should you.

How to Use Business Text Messaging to Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

A business text message, believe it or not, has a 98-percent-open rate.

4 Strategies to Supercharge Your Online Marketing

Develop content that makes sense for mobile consumption.

Use Video in Every Step of Your Marketing Funnel

This holiday season, delight your customers with a personalized message.

10 Tweaks That Can Boost Lagging Articles Onto Google's First Page

You wouldn't think resizing your images could increase your ranking, but it can.

Why I Am Killing a Startup That Has Over 100,000 Customers

Having sold a startup for $1 million, this founder knows the importance of looking past short-term success.

Here's What Really Matters for SEO in 2016

Someone analyzed 1 million Google results to find out what techniques rank highly on the search engine.

How to Get 60 Leads in 24 Hours With a Landing Page and a LinkedIn Group

If you want to get some quick qualified leads you do not need fancy ad campaigns and you most certainly do not need to spend a ton of money.

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