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The Office Of Strategy In the Age Of Agility

Here's some perspective on what the Office of Strategy Management can borrow from the world of agile

Is Relevant Work Experience Overrated?

Productivity is not the most important driver of growth and change, and that's where humans remain relevant

Has COVID-19 Come As a Blessing For the Working Women?

There are three aspects of the ongoing pandemic that has the potential of benefiting the working women, or those who were working till about recently and would like to rebadge

Should Entrepreneurial Success Come At the Cost Of Empathy?

We need leaders and entrepreneurs who avoid self-absorption, however grand their ambitions be or however smart they are

The More Enduring Way To Tackle Chinese Aggression

If our neighbours-often with scarce natural resources, territorial hardships, and language barriers-could surpass us, what has stopped us, that too with several obvious advantages?

Entrepreneurial Lessons From Howard Schultz and Starbucks: How To Tide Over Recession With Reinvigoration

Schultz epitomizes how entrepreneurs lead from the front, take difficult decisions, and transform an icon without losing its soul

To Innovate Better, Pay Attention To Your Office Space

Creating and maintaining such huge spaces require a foresight and a commitment to look at the not-so-obvious aspects of innovation culture

Why Every Entrepreneur Starts As A David But Ends Up Becoming A Goliath

Breaking through tough times prompts us why we kicked off and keeps us determined on the target.

Five Blunders that Could Doom Your Start-up Even before it Takes off

The sheer enthusiasm, vigour, and even artificially fuelled excitement-funding-blinds the typical entrepreneur of the planning imperative

Design Thinking is to Innovation what Six Sigma is to Quality

This iterative process relies on systematically shaving off waste from the system, resulting in a leaner process, with hopefully a better outcome

How Ideas are Just like Lego blocks

The more base-level ideas you have, the greater would be the variety and efficacy of your final creation

Competency Comes First, When it Comes to Innovation

Any important capability should not be easy to copy, should be product and market agnostic, and should be valued by the customer

The Co-founder Dilemma: To Have or Not To?

De-risking seems to be the primary objective of investors and not the economic impact per se