Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer
Head of Agency Management Institute

Drew McLellan is the CEO of Agency Management Institute, serving 250+ agencies to help the owners build profitable agencies that evolve and scale.


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Cómo hacer el mejor desarrollo comercial dentro de los servicios al cliente

Llegue al punto en el que pueda rechazar fácilmente a los clientes que no se ajustan a la ética de su empresa, lo que le permitirá tener más tiempo para concentrarse en la marca en sí.

How To Do The Best Business Development Within Client Services

Get to the point where you can readily reject clients that don't fit within your company's ethos, thereby allowing more time to focus on the brand itself.

No permita que las dudas absorban a su organización: utilícelas para crecer como líder

No puede liderar un equipo de manera efectiva hasta que tome las medidas necesarias para recuperar su confianza.

Don't Let Doubts Absorb Your Organization — Use Them to Grow as a Leader

You can't lead a team effectively until you take steps to regain your confidence.

When Was Your Last Public Speaking Opportunity? Here's How to Brush Up on Your Skills.

They say that the only thing we fear more than public speaking is death -- but the process doesn't have to be that stress-inducing.

Por qué mantener el mejor talento debería ser su máxima prioridad en 2021

Los empleados quieren sentirse apreciados y como si pertenecieran; demuéstreles a sus empleados que se preocupa por ellos y que está comprometido con su desarrollo.

Why Keeping Top Talent Should Be Your Top Priority in 2021

Employees want to feel appreciated and like they belong -- show your employees that you care about them and that you're invested in their development.

What Do Successful Sales Look Like for the Rest of 2020?

Three strategies for closing sales right now and maintaining sales strong numbers this year

Now What? How to Lead to the Other Side of COVID-19.

It's your job -- and privilege -- to help your staff manage difficult emotions and guide your team with strong leadership. Here's how to do it.

How to Give a Presentation Like a Pro

When mapping out your entrepreneurial dreams, don't forget to hone your public-speaking skills.

Your Startup Won't Make It to 2022 Without Video in Sales

Do you produce enough video content to keep your company on your audience's radar? If not, you could struggle as video becomes more important in the next three years.

This Payment Model Will Keep Clients Satisfied and Bank Accounts Full

Cash flow issues can stop a budding business in its tracks. Use these four tips to design a retainer fee agreement that not only keeps clients happy, but also keeps the lights on.

Avoid Elon Musk-Style Firing Sprees by Having Hard Conversations Sooner

Confronting employees who misbehave is never fun (or easy), but company leaders can't afford to ignore bad behavior until it creates larger issues.

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