Elena Agaragimova

Elena Agaragimova

Co-founder, Bessern

About Elena Agaragimova

Elena Agaragimova, a talent development specialist, is the co-founder of Bessern.

Elena is an engaging skilled trainer and talent development specialist, credited with combining operations, education, and international expertise to design and deliver programs for diverse audiences. She is known for her ability to drive change within individuals and organizations that are looking to reach their potential and maintain their competitive edge in the business world.

Elena started her career in higher education, having worked across various institutions, departments and regions. In her recent years, she dove into business and founded a learning and developing consultancy, Agar Global Services, and also co-founded Bessern, a  tech solution for productivity and well-being in organizations.

Elena is a regular contributor and various publications and online platforms in the Middle East, and when she is not leading talent transformation, she volunteers her time to help young students with their career development goals.