Elizabeth Dunn


The Tricks and Secrets to Mastering a Remote Workforce

Maintaining an all-remote workforce is no longer a fringe notion. But you have to do it thoughtfully.

No tengas miedo y evalúa a tus empleados con apps

Es oficial: los reporte sanuales de desempeño no funcionan. Por eso, cada vez más empresas optan por utilizar aplicaciones a fin de dar retroalimentación en tiempo real para los jefes, empleados y subordinados.

Can the Annual Review Be Replaced By an App?

More companies are turning to apps that offer real-time feedback from bosses, peers and subordinates alike. But do they work?

The Trick to Creating Superstar Employees? Think of Them as Superstar Employees.

Research shows that your attitude towards your employees may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.