Fatma Khaled

Fatma Khaled


Melinda Gates Was Reportedly Haunted by Bill's Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein

Melinda Gates told her friends that she wanted nothing to do with Epstein after she met him.

Pfizer Submits Application Requesting Full Approval From FDA for Its Covid-19 Vaccine

Pfizer has initiated the process of seeking full FDA approval for its Covid-19 vaccine.

Trillones de cigarras están a punto de causar estragos en EU

Después de vivir bajo tierra durante 17 años comenzarán a surgir cantidades masivas de estos insectos en 15 estados de la Unión Americana.

Trillions of Cicadas Are About to Wreak Havoc in the U.S.

Mass numbers of cicadas will start emerging in 15 U.S. states after living underground for 17 years.

Dogecoin Surged by More Than 38%, Reaching a Record High

Dogecoin value rose over 38% on Wednesday, reaching a record high of $0.69 within 24 hours.

More People in the U.S. Are Dying Than Being Born, According to the CDC

Birth rates in 2020 fell for the sixth year in a row, reaching the lowest since 1979.

Vacuna Pfizer será aprobada para niños de 12 a 15 años en EU

La FDA autorizará el uso de la vacuna Pfizer COVID-19 en adolescentes, a medida que Estados Unidos avanza en la vacunación de otros grupos de edad.

The World's Biggest Jewelry Maker Will No Longer Use Mined Diamonds, Cites Move Toward Sustainability and Affordability

Pandora will not use mined diamonds in its jewelry anymore; instead, it will manufacture diamonds in its labs.

Pfizer Vaccine to Be Approved for 12- to 15-Year-Olds

The FDA will authorize the use of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in teens, as the U.S. moves forward to vaccinate other age groups.

Moderna distribuirá 34 millones de dosis de su vacuna COVID-19 en países con dificultades

La distribución de la vacuna es parte de una iniciativa global que otorga igualdad de acceso a las vacunas COVID-19 en los países que se han visto gravemente afectados.

Moderna Will Distribute 34 Million Doses of Covid-19 Vaccine to Struggling Countries

The vaccine distribution is part of a global initiative that grants equal access to Covid-19 vaccines in countries that have been severely impacted.

Herd Immunity Against Covid-19 Is Unlikely in the U.S. Here's Why.

Health experts say that reaching herd immunity is improbable amid hesitancy surrounding the vaccines and news of new virus variants.