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Reduce Your Costs And Gain A Competitive Advantage

Competition is fierce. The economy is tight. People aren't buying. Here's how you can gain a competitive advantage by reducing your costs significantly in 2017.

All Decisions Have Consequences - Know What They Are To Make the Best Choices

There are no easy answers to hard decisions. You might be able to postpone a hard decision, or find a comfortable answer, but the problem will return with a vengeance down the line.

Shark Tank Winner Vusani Ravele on Why it's Not About the Money

Vusani Ravele secured offers from every single Shark in the first episode of Shark Tank South Africa, eventually settling on an offer from Gil Oved from The Creative Counsel. Entrepreneur asked him how this investment has changed his business.

How to Live an Extraordinary Life

Rudolf Goosen is an ex-professional rugby player, entrepreneur, author, TV presenter and motivational speaker. Entrepreneur recently spoke to him about his new book, Taking Your Life to the Next Level.

Machine Learning Is Changing The Game

Artificial Intelligence is set to change the way all companies do business, says Daniel Schwartzkopff of DataProphet. Those who don't prepare for this inevitability right now run the risk of getting left behind.

John Sanei's Lessons In Driving Organisational Innovation

John Sanei is a global speaker, coach. facilitator, trend specialist and author. Entrepreneur spoke to him about his book, What's Your Moonshot? Here's what you need to know to drive innovation in your organisation this year.

How To Build A Business That You Can Sell To An Acquisition Firm

How DRS CEO Robert Brown bootstraped a business, substantially grew it over two decades, and then successfully negotiated an acquisition by an overseas company.

Why You Should Always Sweat The Details For Your Startup To Succeed

Launched in August 2016, AnaStellar Brands has seen strong growth over a short period. According to founders Anastasia Dobson-du Toit and Michelle Dateling, success depends on getting the fundamentals right.

When Optimism Kills

Entrepreneurs tend to depend on optimism in the same way that fish depend on water. It's absolutely crucial for survival. In fact, it's arguably the single most important character trait that a successful entrepreneur can have, but it also has a dark side…

How Noli Mini Launched Her Unique Spa Business

While Relax Spas is all about rest and relaxation, the business itself is the product of hard work. Founder Noli Mini explains how she got her unique business idea off the ground.

Make Money While You Sleep

Launching a side business that makes money even while you're sleeping has never been easier. Lawrence Cawood of Vinewave explains how it's possible to build a multi-million rand business completely on your own, in your spare time, with nothing more than a computer.

How Lesego Maphanga Is Building His Personal Brand

Lesego Maphanga is young (he only graduated in 2014), yet he has already made a name for himself in multiple industries. His secret to success? Always doing more than is asked of him.

Nadia and Zahra Rawjee Are Helping Their Client's Access Funding - Here's How

Nadia and Zahra Rawjee of Uzenzele Holdings know what businesses need, and they understand the struggles that founders go through, which is why the pair often understand their clients' needs before the first meeting has even taken place.

How Lorren Barham Launched a Niche Business in an Almost Unknown Industry

Lorren Barham, the founder of Pet Wellness Worx, launched a business in pet rehabilitation, a relatively unknown industry. She found a niche – but she also needed to educate her market.

How to Build Your Brand

Entrepreneur, speaker and marketing expert Daniella Shapiro recently launched a proudly South African skincare, beauty and lifestyle eCommerce platform called the Oolala Collection Club. Here's her advice for successfully marketing your start-up.

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