Graham Glass

Graham Glass

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor

Graham is the CEO and founder of CYPHER LEARNING, which provides learning platforms for millions of users across 20,000-plus organizations around the world. He is an entrepreneur, educator, author and speaker, with more than 20 years of experience in the education and technology fields.

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3 Corporate Training Resolutions for 2022

2022 will find many employees still working at least partially remotely. What goals and resolutions can companies make to deliver the best training experiences to a hybrid workforce?

3 Resoluciones corporativas de capacitación para 2022

En 2022, muchos empleados seguirán trabajando, al menos parcialmente, de forma remota. ¿Qué objetivos y resoluciones pueden adoptar las empresas para ofrecer las mejores experiencias de formación a una fuerza laboral híbrida?

5 Ways to Improve Corporate Learning Initiatives

The last year-and-half has brought changes to where and how employees learn. How can you optimize training programs at your organization, now and in the future?

5 formas de mejorar las iniciativas de aprendizaje empresarial

El último año y medio ha traído cambios sobre dónde y cómo aprenden los empleados. ¿Cómo puede optimizar los programas de formación en su organización, ahora y en el futuro?

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