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New U.S. Focused Cannabis ETF Hits the Market

It offers investors exposure to cannabis companies operating in the States, including multi-state operators directly involved in the cultivation, production, marketing, and distribution of cannabis or cannabis-related products.

New Study Suggests We Need More Testing for Psilocybin Depression Treatments

More and more people are relying on psychedelics for mental health issues, but does it work?

A Closer Look at Delta-8 THC Flower

Often used as a synthetic compound from the hemp plant, the flower is trending big-time within the industry.

Delta 8 vs. Delta 9: What's the Difference?

The critical difference is the pace at which these compounds build up effects.

Some Marijuana Facts You Had No Idea About

There's always something new and exciting waiting to be unveiled about weed.

Cannabis Concentrates 101: How to Choose the Right Gear

Here are some helpful tips to follow when trying the alternative consumption.

These Are the 6 Most Popular Marijuana Consumption Methods

As the weed industry expands, so too do the ways consumers use products.

How CBD Products Work to Improve Your Health

Some important info on how CBD is mpacting your body for the better.

Why It's Not Too Late to Tap into the CBD Market

The entire industry is still booming, so don't think you missed the train.

CBD Vaping: What's the Difference Between CBD E-liquid and CBD Oil?

With the CBD industry still in its infancy stage, there's still plenty of education necessary for consumers.

Can Playing Music for Weed Make It Grow Taller?

Analysts have been considering the impact of music on plants for quite a long time.

Will Cannabis Affect How Smart You Are?

It's time to dive into some facts about how weed impacts your brain.

THC vs. CBD: Differences and Benefits

Educate yourselves on what makes each component unique.

Can Alcohol Abuse Be Fought by CBD or Psilocybin?

More studies are needed, but there's potential promise.

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