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Will Cannabis Affect How Smart You Are?

It's time to dive into some facts about how weed impacts your brain.

THC vs. CBD: Differences and Benefits

Educate yourselves on what makes each component unique.

Can Alcohol Abuse Be Fought by CBD or Psilocybin?

More studies are needed, but there's potential promise.

Here's How to Avoid a High Hangover

Follow these tips to make sure you don't pay the price.

Does Marijuana Increase Sexual Desire?

Everything from the strain that's smoked to the amount that a person smokes can affect sex drive.

Technology Keeps Reshaping the CBD Industry

Innovations create more effective CBD products for the CBD market and better products.

Efficient Ways To Scale A Commercial Cannabis Grow Operation

It's not easy, but there are ways to run your marijuana grow more efficiently.

What the UN Vote Means for Cannabis Worldwide

The UN's vote to remove marijuana from its dangerous drug lists was historic, but how will it affect the global market?

Finding The Secret Behind Choosing The Best Weed Strain For You

Not all strains are create equal, so here's what to do when looking to find the one for your needs.

5 Ways Growers Can Boost Profits

Margins make all the difference when running a small cannabis business, so take these tips to efficiently increase revenue.

MDMA Treatments May Be Cheaper Than Other Types Of PTSD Treatments

Psychedelics are becoming much more prominent when it comes to treating mental health issues.

Plenty Of People Are Using CBD Oils To Battle Anxiety And Depression During COVID-19

Given the uncertainty and worry associated with the pandemic, it's not surprising to see more people turning to CBD oils for their benefits.

Need Some Creativity? These Weed Strains Will Help You Express Your Imagination

Many people use weed to boost creativity, and these are the strains we suggest trying when looking to do so.

Going On A Date? Here's Why Smoking Cannabis Is A Good Thing To Do

In these trying times, smoking weed with a date might be something that brings you closer together and opens you both up.

Ways To Keep Your Hemp Flowers Fresh During Harvest Season

Don't let unpredictable conditions ruin your hemp, just follow these tips instead.