Hamid Ganji

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Content marketer & business enthusiast

Hamid Ganji is a professional writer, tech enthusiast and internet researcher who recently started his AI and business operations career. He loves to write and educate about how artificial intelligence can improve our lives and how companies can use it to revolutionize operations.

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როგორ ღუპავს სტარტაპს ზედმეტი დაფინანსება

გაგიკვირდებათ, მაგრამ სინამდვილეში, ეს არასაკმარის დაფინანსებაზე უფრო საზიანოა სტარტაპებისთვის

Así es como el exceso de fondos puede acabar con su startup

En realidad, es más perjudicial para las nuevas empresas que la falta de financiación.

Is Bitcoin Actually Reliable Enough to Be Known as an Official Currency?

El Salvador hopes to use Bitcoin as a legal tender, but there are multiple obstacles.

¿Bitcoin es realmente lo suficientemente confiable como para ser conocido como moneda oficial?

El Salvador espera utilizar Bitcoin como moneda de curso legal, pero existen múltiples obstáculos.

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