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HBO's 'Fake Famous' Documentary Gets Influencer Marketing All Wrong

The cable network's new film looks at influencer marketing through an ironically superficial lens.

Why Consumers Care About Influencers, and Why You Should Too

More than half of people globally have bought something in the past six months based on the recommendation of an online influencer.

With Influencer Marketing, You Can't Afford to Set It and Forget It

Choosing the right influencers your brand uses is perhaps the most important step in influencer marketing, but monitoring their influence is as critical because their impact will change over time.

Do Brands Need to 'Speak American'?

Marketers are missing out on a cultural segment of U.S. population called out as the "New Heartland," report says.

Marketing Via Paid Online Influencers Sees Dramatic Growth in Survey

More marketers than ever are utilizing so-called 'sponsored social,' with the strategy closing in on display ads. Does this signal a shift in the industry?

The Hard Truths About the Fast Rise of Ello

The newest social network is all the rage, but not a real threat to Facebook.

On the Rocks: Jack Daniel's and Liquor Giant Diageo Feud Over 'Tennessee Whiskey'

What makes a whiskey a Tennessee whiskey? These two companies have different ideas -- and the debate is getting heated.

How to Get Your Money's Worth From Social Media Campaigns

In this special 'Ask Entrepreneur' feature, marketing expert Jason Falls on tracking the value of social media marketing.

Convierte fans en clientes

Para que tus seguidores pasen del “Me gusta” a la compra debes ofrecerles promociones y contenido atractivo.

How to Drive Sales Through Social Media

In this special 'Ask Entrepreneur' feature, marketing expert Jason Falls discusses how business owners can convert followers into paying customers.

How 4 Small Businesses Are Winning on Pinterest

The hot social network can help boost website traffic, sales and customer retention.

Edgerank: el algoritmo de Facebook

Sólo 16% del contenido de las páginas de fans es visto por los usuarios. Te decimos cómo subir en el ranking y aparecer en sus Timelines.

5 Things You Need to Know About Facebook's Edgerank Algorithm

Engaging content and interactivity can help boost your visibility with fans.

¿Estás listo para el marketing móvil?

Conoce las principales preguntas (y sus respuestas) que debe hacerse un empresario antes de usar esta estrategia.

5 Mobile Marketing Questions Every Business Owner Needs Answered

No-nonsense advice on how you can be more mobile friendly without all the guesswork.