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These are the 8 habits that every great leader must develop

Find out how these types of people nurture, motivate and inspire all employees, even if they have different personalities.

Estos son los 8 hábitos que todo gran líder debe desarrollar

Descubre cómo este tipo de personas nutre, motiva e inspira a todos los empleados, aunque tengan diferentes personalidades.

7 hábitos esenciales de la gente feliz

Adopta estas actitudes para que alcances el equilibrio y tengas un mejor desempeño en todas las áreas de tu vida.

10 decisiones de las que te puedes arrepentir

Estas opciones pueden marcar tu aventura emprendedora, evítalas y deja atrás el miedo de experimentar cosas nuevas.

Renuncia si vives estas situaciones día a día

La vida es muy corta como para quedarte en un lugar en el que no eres feliz y donde sabes que no vas a crecer profesionalmente.

Los grandes líderes usan estas frases

Toma en cuenta estas expresiones para tener una buena relación con las personas que te rodean en tu trabajo y vida personal.

The 8 Instinctive Habits of Remarkable Leaders

These are people who learn to work with different personalities. They learn to nurture, motivate and inspire. They learn to truly lead.

Want to Make More Money? Marry the Right Person.

Things like your boss, your education and your industry are all important when it comes to attaining greater earning power and success. But there's one more factor you might not have considered.

5 Words Successful (and Happy) People Never Use

The biggest difference between people like us and people who do things we would like to do is they didn't reflexively decide to put up their own barriers.

8 Qualities That Make Great Bosses Unforgettable

They possess qualities that may not show up on paper but always show up where it matters most -- in the minds and even hearts of the people they lead.

40 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Dumb

Just like one misspelled word can get your resume tossed onto the 'nope' pile, one incorrectly used word can negatively impact your entire message.

How Successful People Build Exceptional Professional Relationships

You can be a rich jerk ... but you will also be a lonely jerk.

10 Instinctive Decisions You Will Regret Forever

Entrepreneurs need to make difficult decisions. These, however, you might not be happy about.

7 Poisonous Beliefs That Make You Desperately Unhappy

How happy you feel is in large part something you can control.