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Si te deben y no te pagan, aplica estos 4 pasos para acelerar tu cobranza

Eliminar tus cuentas por cobrar no es una misión imposible. Basta con agilizar el proceso de pago para tus clientes y ser más eficiente en tu propia administración.

Extras que harán la diferencia en tus empleados

¿Quieres brindarle beneficios efectivos a tus trabajadores, pero no puedes darles un aumento? Te decimos qué hacer.

The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Track Your Company's Performance

Know what to look for to know if you're progressing toward your goals.

This Insurance Strategy Could Save You Thousands

Captive insurance companies have saved some firms millions in premiums and taxes.

Relocating Your Business? Consider These 3 Factors First.

Stop packing for a moment, and ask yourself: Do you really need to move your business?

Wages or Commissions? This 3-Step System Helps You Decide.

When you offer salary and commission, you're motivating your sales team while minimizing the chances that they'll feel disgruntled and underpaid.

An Expert Explains the Ins and Outs of Outside Audits

Depending on your company's situation, you may need an outside audit every year -- or not at all.

The Best Way to Track Your Company's Performance

How to pick the key performance indicators that'll be best for your business.

This Expert Explains When You Should Kill Your Project

By tracking three measurements of success, you'll have a better idea of whether your project is working -- or not.

3 Reasons the Bank Yanked Your Credit Line -- and How to Fix the Problem

It's a serious wake-up call, but it won't be the end of your business. Let's figure out what went wrong.

That Little Bit Extra

Can't afford raises? Here are the most cost-effective employee benefits to implement

Little Extras That Make a Big Difference to Employees

Want to reward your workers without offering bonuses? The little things count, so look at this list of benefits that your staff will appreciate.