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Women's History Month: Q&A with Marijuana Industry Pioneer Greta Carter

After starting in the banking and construction, Greta Carter pivoted into the marijuana industry in 2008, instantly becoming a trailblazer for companies in Washington state, Nevada, and California.
Medical Marijuana

Market for Licensed Marijuana Businesses Heats up as Buyers Snap up Retail Stores, Other Properties

With the lack of inventory in the space, the cannabis businesses that are selling are getting higher premiums.

A Marijuana Pioneer Changes Course: Q&A with Harborside Co-founder Steve DeAngelo

The longtime cannabis entrepreneur opens up about his split from Harborside, and what his next mission might look like.
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Some Cannabis Growers Are Still Counting Cost of Wildfires, but Most Say the Industry Dodged a Bullet

The 2020 blazes are a reminder that operators need to be prepared for such natural disasters.
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California's First Cannabis Czar Steps Down

Lori Ajax had a major impact on the cannabis industry in the state.
Legal Marijuana

California Is Requiring Cannabis Health-Warning Labels. Not Everyone Is On Board.

Will the new label requirement mean a swell of lawsuits?
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For Cannabis Business Owners, This Is How To Get The Most From Your Insurance Policy

Given the pandemic, plenty of cannabis businesses are seeking insurance payments, so here's how to avoid major headaches.
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Here's How To Get The Best ROI When Breaking Into New Cannabis Markets

Deciphering the best entry points in the emerging marijuana market is essential.
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Unwanted Text Ads From Pot Companies Lead To A Bunch Of Spam-Related Lawsuits

Many cannabis brands use texts as a way to communicate with consumers, but people aren't happy with what feels like spam.
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California Wildfires Claim Several Marijuana Farms, Threatening Growers With Financial Losses

"I've been through all different kinds of hell," cannabis business owner David Polley said. "This is just another day."

Los Angeles Proposes 'Major Course Change' For Cannabis Business Licensing

In a series of recommendations to the Los Angeles City Council, the city's cannabis department proposed an immense overhaul of its business licensing structure and social equity program.

Coronavirus Adds Financial Pressures To Cannabis Industry, Openings For Investors

"Even though asset prices are contracting, demand is not, and that is a beautiful equation," Emily Paxhia says.
Market Research

How California's Cannabis Industry Wound Up In Crisis Mode After 2 Years

Local bans along with high taxes have combined to create challenges for the state's legal market.
Cannabis Insider

California Cannabis Company MedMen Co-Founder Adam Bierman Steps Down As CEO

As part of the MedMen c-suite shift, Bierman has also agreed to give up his super voting shares.

Think You May Have To Lay Off Cannabis Employees? There Are Ways To Avoid It

Here's how to remain operating your cannabis business at scale.