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Las 10 preguntas que debes hacerte para saber si eres un buen líder

Descubre si la gente que trabaja contigo te tiene confianza o si debes cambiar ciertas actitudes para obtener mejores resultados.

The 10 questions you should ask yourself to know if you are a good leader

Find out if the people who work with you trust you or if you need to change certain attitudes to get better results.

Are You Really Listening? 7 Barriers to Listening Effectively.

Being present and really listening to what others have to say takes patience and practice.

12 formas de conectarte con tus empleados millennial

Son una parte importante de tu equipo, así que trátalos como tal.

12 Ways to Connect With Millennial Employees

They are a significant part of your team. Treat them as such.

Dreading an Upcoming 'Difficult' Conversation? Here Are 10 Tips That Can Help.

Asking questions up-front and then really listening to the answers can prevent a whole lot of grief later.

Answering These 5 Questions Will Change Your Life

Getting what you want is an inside job. First you must get answers from yourself, before you can expect results from the world.

7 Tips for Improving the Quality of Your Feedback

The purpose of feedback is to improve performance and achieve desired results.

Become a Fantastic Listener With These 9 Techniques

Most of the time, what gets in the way of being an effective listener is our thoughts.

Looking for the Right Mentor? Ask Yourself These 8 Questions.

Your boss might have no interest in showing you the real ropes at your new job, but there are others who will take you under their wings.

Do Your People Give You What You Want Every Time?

Ten tips to help ensure you communicate -- coherently -- what it is you want.

Does Your Staff Dislike You?

Grade yourself on this checklist of managerial behaviors. Spot leadership mistakes that elicit less-than-desirable results.

How Leaders Can Cut the BS at Work and Address Real Issues

As you may know, avoiding the problem will only make things worse. Open the channels of communication with these tips.