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Cannabis vs. Pharmaceutical Medicine: One Not Very Surprising Study

Users are looking for safer alternatives to opioids, antidepressants, and arthritis relief.

Recent Study Shows THC Helps Mitigate Pain in the Elderly

When compared to other treatments for everyday aches, it's often more effective and less addictive.

Weed May Curb Nicotine Cravings

Study shows strong decrease in tobacco use following medical cannabis treatment.

Exploding Lumber Prices May Be Good News for Hemp

The inner fibers from hemp plants can be used as a replacement for wood.

Canada's Regulated Industry Has Grown. What About the Black Market?

A recent study showed 70 percent of participants made their cannabis purchases through regulated Canadian outlets rather than unregulated sources.

Study Finds CBD Associated with Lower Alcohol Consumption

Some think cannabis is safer than alcohol, and one study found that the plant may actually be able to reduce boozy cravings.

Other Countries Should Copy Thailand's New Cannabis Cultivation Model

The country became the first in Asia to reform its laws to allow for legal cultivation, distribution, and use of medical cannabis.

Terpene Profiles May Shape the Future of Cannabis

Knowing which terpenes are the most prominent gives more insight into the likely effects of THC levels, strain names, and indica/sativa designations.

Jamaica's Emerging Cannabis Industry Hit Hard by Natural Disasters

Unfortunately, the 'perfect storm' for a cannabis drought has materialized on tiny Caribbean island.

Here's How Climate Change Will Affect the Global Cannabis Industry

The world's constantly changing, so it's natural for that to impact marijuana.

Will Cannabis Legalization Lead to Lower Prices?

Cannabis isn't cheao, but legalization could change that.

Cannabis Does Not Harden the Arteries, Studies Say

Compared to other recreational drugs, cannabis might be better on the heart.

Cannabis Can Be a Tool to Fight Addictions Globally

Marijuana can provide significant benefits in treating addiction to harmful substances.

What Will 2021 Bring for the Global Cannabis Industry?

After a difficult 2020, where does the entire marijuana industry go from here?