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Here's How Climate Change Will Affect the Global Cannabis Industry

The world's constantly changing, so it's natural for that to impact marijuana.

Will Cannabis Legalization Lead to Lower Prices?

Cannabis isn't cheao, but legalization could change that.

Cannabis Does Not Harden the Arteries, Studies Say

Compared to other recreational drugs, cannabis might be better on the heart.

Cannabis Can Be a Tool to Fight Addictions Globally

Marijuana can provide significant benefits in treating addiction to harmful substances.

What Will 2021 Bring for the Global Cannabis Industry?

After a difficult 2020, where does the entire marijuana industry go from here?

2020: A Record Year for Cannabis Studies

As the industry continues to strive for more research, 2020 helped take a big leap forward.

Just How Cheap Will Weed Be in the Future?

With national legalization potentially on the horizon, consumers may see prices drop dramatically.

Low-Dose Cannabis Is Gaining Major Popularity in Europe

A new trend in Europe could change the rules and regulations of the weed industry overseas.

New Study Finds CBD Skin Cream Mitigates Chronic Back Pain

For those with back issues, CBD may be the best solution for you.

Is Today's Marijuana More Potent than It Was in the Past?

2020 weed is not your grandpa's weed. We examine if today's green brings a greater high.

Women Are More Likely To Ditch Prescription Drugs For Pot

A new study shows that medical marijuana was preferred over traditional pharmaceuticals.

CBD Shampoo Can Reduce The Severity And Symptoms Of Scalp Inflammation

As it turns out, CBD is pretty good for the health of your hair, too.

Medical Cannabis Patients In Canada Report Reductions In Alcohol Use

Many people turn to marijuana to offset alcohol use, and one study appears to show a clear difference in some patients.

Do Over-The-Counter CBD Products Have Enough CBD In Them?

CBD is available in lots of different places, but not all products may be created equally.