Jon Baumunk

Jon Baumunk

Member of the Faculty

Jon Baumunk is a Member of the Faculty at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. He also teaches accounting courses at San Diego State University.

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States Are Starting to Certify Organic Cannabis Because the Feds Won't

That organic produce you pay a premium for is certified under a federal program that excludes marijuana, even when grown legally under state law.

State Regulators Consider Better Ways to Determine Who Controls Cannabis Business

More flexibility is needed when assessing whether leases and lending and brand licensing agreements create a controlling interest

Pesticide Contamination Is a Growing Cannabis Safety Concern

Marijuana's continuing status as illegal under federal law makes the job of regulating it for consumer safety much harder.

Higher Education Cautiously Begins to Train Cannabis Industry Leaders

College business programs are well positioned to prepare students for careers in cannabis but are hampered because marijuana remains federally illegal.

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