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World's First Plastic Mining Company Starts Trading On the Toronto Stock Exchange

Alkemy (TSX: AKMY.V) debuts mining of non-recyclable plastics that aims to rid the world from its number one pollutant while transforming it into 100 per cent recycled plastics-based goods

It's Now Easier Than Ever To Invest in Chinese Cryptocurrency

Yuan Pay Group's cryptocurrency trading platform gives Western investors an early opportunity to profit off the growth of the rising Chinese economy, making it now easier than ever to invest in China

Leading Regulated Crypto IPOs Are Expected To Open Trading At 5x the IPO Price

Coinbase and INX SEC regulated crypto offerings see global surging demand for their securities ahead of first day of trading

This Upcoming IPO May Finally Provide a True Solution To Allegedly Unrecyclable Plastic Bags

Alkemy, to be listed in Toronto (TSXV:AKMY.V), has developed and operates a highly profitable and unique process to recycle 'dirty plastic' that was deemed economically non-viable until today

The Israeli Company Using Tera Waves to Detect COVID-19

XPRIZEi in its most recent contest, "$6M XPRIZE Rapid COVID Testing" aimed to create game-changing COVID-19 testing solutions

This Canadian Company Is Taking Over the AdTech Market. Here Is What Investors Need To Know

Zoomd Technologies' ($ZMDTF, $ZOOMD) marketing technology and expansion into large and strategic global markets, including Eastern Europe, East Asia and Southeast Asia, has its stock soaring and investors invested for 2021

How Cannabis Became a Hot Commodity On the Canadian Securities Exchange

Today, there are several cannabis-related companies listed via Canadian securities, making it a major marketplace for pain-relieving products around the globe