Julie Aitcheson


Shopping for Weed is Now a Multi-Sensory Experience

"Immersion retailing" is getting customers off of their couches and back into stores.

Even More Cannabis-Mushroom Products Hitting The Shelves

Combining non-psilocybin fungi and CBD is getting to be big business.

Is Flower Losing Its Power?

Sales are strong but other products are gaining steam.

Why the Industry Needs the Black CannaConference

The fall event supports and promotes BIPOC cannabis professionals.

Can't Deny It: Women Are Consuming More Cannabis Every Year

More than 15 million women have purchased cannabis products so far in 2021 alone.

The Story Behind National Hemp Month and Why You Should Celebrate This July

Three cheers for the wonder material that benefits everything from health and wellness to textiles and building materials.

Where Are People Searching For Cannabis the Most?

Cities and states where weed isn't legal are definitely leading the pack.

States Pushing Cannabis Operations to Be More Friendly to the Earth

There's an opportunity to take a good, hard look at the environmental impacts of the cannabis industry, as well as legislative responses to such challenges.

Believe It Or Not, Most Cannabis Brands Don't Even Understand Their Customers

The country may be divided, but not on cannabis. Marketers need to recognize that cannabis is no longer on the fringe, but a new opportunity for growth.

Cannabis Subscription Boxes Are Hot Commodity During The Pandemic, Growing By 550%

People are turning to weed to help with their mental fortitude amid an uncertain ending to the pandemic.

Dispensary Job Market Still Strong Despite The Lockdowns

The cannabis industry will need to pivot a greater proportion of its workforce towards more autonomous models.

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