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Marijuana and Heart Attacks: What New Research Reveals

The public needs high-quality information about cannabis, which can help counterbalance the proliferation of rumor and false claims about the health effects of cannabis products.

Barriers to Studying Marijuana: Q&A with Dr. Thorsten Rudroff

Dr. Rudroff recently spoke in depth with The Fresh Toast about common misconceptions and barriers to research currently in place when studying medical marijuana or CBD.

From Job Loss to Obesity: Can Marijuana Help?

Could marijuana offer support in ways we don't even recognize yet? Here are just a few examples of how weed can assist with common lifestyle challenges.

Does Marijuana Work Better than Sleeping Pills for Insomnia?

If you're not currently receiving any treatment for insomnia, or if your current treatment isn't enhancing the duration and quality of your sleep, you may want to give cannabis a try.

Does Marijuana Lower the Effects of Anti-depressants?

While so much is still unknown about marijuana's effects on antidepressants, your personal answer may reside on two important factors.

Cannabis and HPV: Friend or Foe?

With ever-climbing HPV-positive cancer rates, research on the effect CBD and THC has on the human papillomavirus can't come soon enough.

Treating Multiple Sclerosis With Marijuana: A Multi-Faceted Approach

Researchers have come a long way in understanding THC and CBD's effects on other MS symptoms besides tremors, such as pain and sleeplessness.

Could Cannabis Eliminate The High-Cost And High-Stakes Of Current Psoriasis Medicines?

Often triggered by stress, new studies are showing that psoriasis can be better managed by diet, oral health, and even CBD.

COVID-19 And Cannabis: What's The Latest In Treatment?

Israeli researchers are using cannabis treatment to down-regulate the inflammation storm before patients develop severe lung inflammation.

Could Cannabis Heighten A Protein's Ability To Fight Viruses And Inflammation?

With the anti-inflammation properties of CBD and marijuana, it's only a matter of time before scientists start experimenting with THC's effects on the body and its genomes.

How Medical Marijuana Can Help With Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Or Lou Gehrig's Disease

Cannabis is being used for all sorts of health issues, and those with ALS may choose it to help with their debilitating disease.

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