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3 ejercicios para hacer en la oficina

¿Te sientes agotado y tus colaboradores también? Aquí la solución que les devolverá la energía y los hará sentir mejor en tres pasos.

Marketing tradicional Vs digital: cuál es el mejor

Las dos estrategias funcionan para promover un negocio. Pero primero define qué quieres lograr y luego qué canales utilizarás.

NoWait: No más listas de espera

Esta app ofrece a los restaurantes trasladar las reservaciones de mesa del papel a los celulares para mejorar la experiencia del cliente.

3 Benefits of Meeting Face to Face

Even in the digital age, your most powerful sales tool may still be meeting in person.

Building a Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Network at Age 27

With her startup Getaround, Jessica Scorpio is connecting individual car owners with renters.

Turning Time Into Currency at Age 23

With his startup Kiip, Brian Wong is connecting consumers with brands by rewarding engagement.

Wish Waiting for a Table Was Less Painful? There's an App for That.

NoWait efficiently manages waits for tables, reducing stress levels for customers and restaurant owners alike.

Leveraging Big Data to Boost Click-Through Rates

Retention Science uses predictive algorithms to create automated marketing campaigns for companies based on customers' buying patterns.

Despite Challenges, Franchising Continues to Rebound in 2014

The sector created an estimated 11,000 new establishments and 150,000-plus jobs in 2013, outpacing the overall U.S. economy in business formation and job growth.

Digital or Traditional Marketing? Depends on Your Business

Base your marketing strategies on what you're selling.

Connect With Angry Customers Before They Yelp

The app OwnerLists establishes a direct line of communication between business owners and their customers, allowing them to respond directly to negative reviews.

Tracking Customers Beyond Google Analytics

A marketing shop gleans powerful insights on visitors to clients' sites, filling in the details where Google Analytics leaves off.

3 Steps for Assembling a Startup Dream Team

You may have a great idea, but your company's fate depends in large part on the strength of your team.

How an Ad Agency Fixed Its Call-Center Marketing

Using the RingRevenue platform, buyCalls was able to sniff out some major discrepancies in their campaigns.