Kavita Nigam

Kavita Nigam


How Budding Entrepreneurs are Leading the Way in the Manufacturing Industry

Budding Indian manufacturer today are more innovative, confident and better able to think out-of-the-box than were many manufacturers in the past

Here's How Small Businesses Offer Great Employment Opportunities

Small or medium enterprise connects an individual to the senior management, allowing greater exposure to widen an individual's skill set

HR Trends to Follow in the Manufacturing Industry

Companies will collaborate with digital HR service providers that will help in collecting resumes, sending company representatives to universities, candidates or even arranging follow-up interviews

The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs in India in the Manufacturing Industry

Women are currently playing a central role in the escalation of the economy, having made a substantial impact across all sectors

How Is the Manufacturing Industry Coping with Changing Workforce Dynamics

Clarity in communication in the form of visits and discussions is crucial to productivity

Steps to Ensure Employees' Safety at Workplace

It is necessary to make your employees understand what needs to be done when there is a crisis in a form of a natural disaster or by a violent person

#4 Ways Managers can Motivate their Employees in Workplace

Requirement for a motivating environment is an urgent cry for stability in frenzied scenario

5 HR Strategies To Promote Employee Health And Safety

Any company's major loss would be the loss of employees when they are not safe and secure during their working hours.