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Yes, Your Colleague Might Be High on That Zoom Call

A recent study suggests more WFHers are getting stoned during working hours.

Can Struggling Behemoth MedMen Turn Itself Around?

With a new (permanent) CEO, there's a major restructuring happening with hopes it can.

New Weed-focused Podcast Will Make Social Equity a "High Priority"

The hosts hope to highlight the voices and experiences of other people of color in the cannabis industry.

Everything's Coming Up Green In Illinois

From Lollapalloza sales to even more dispensary licenses going out, there's more legal marijuana in the Land of Lincoln than ever.

Another Result of California's Drought: Water Theft for Illegal Weed Farms

It takes a lot of water to grow one plant, but that's not the only issue at hand.

Where Weed Came From and What It Was Used For: A Study

Yes, you bought it at your dispensary, but experts say it originated more east than thought.

Why Are Some CBD Products So Expensive and Others So Cheap?

A new report finds a 4718% difference between highest and lowest-priced products.

Violence, Drug Busts, and Black Market Weed Take Over California's Desert Communities

So much for the whole legal marijuana will curb illegal activity thing.

Reaction Over Sha'Carri Richardson Disqualifying for Tokyo Overshadows Olympics Itself

With calls for boycotts, signed petitions, and public outcry, the star athlete's weed issue is all anyone is talking about.

Will THC Calm a Lobster Before Hitting the Pot?

A vaping lobster is (probably) a happy lobster.

Watch Out, Las Vegas: New York Is Jockeying Into Place for Cannatourism Dollars

One city council candidate aims to make the west side of Manhattan its own version of Amsterdam.

With Consumption Lounge Bill Passed, Las Vegas Poised to Lead on Cannatourism

In states like Nevada and New York, there's a real "if we build it the tourists will come" vibe.