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Ahora podrás abrir tu coche con el iPhone, así lo anunció Apple en su conferencia

La empresa dirigida por Tim Cook acaba de presentar importantes actualizaciones para el iPhone, sus propios chips para Mac y mucho más.

Here's Everything Apple Announced at its Biggest Event of the Year

Apple just unveiled major upgrades to the iPhone, its own chips for Macs, and much more.

23 preguntas que Apple hace en sus entrevistas

Algunos de estos cuestionamientos son acertijos matemáticos complicados. Otros son terriblemente vagos.

Apple Is Expected to Launch the New iPhone 11 Lineup During a Big Event on Tuesday -- Here's Everything We Know So Far

Apple is expected to release three iPhones again on Tuesday, September 10. Here are the latest rumors.

Se espera que Apple lance 3 nuevos iPhones este año. Esto es todo lo que sabemos hasta ahora

Los posibles cambios incluyen un nuevo sistema de cámara de tres lentes y la capacidad de usar el iPhone como plataforma de carga para otros productos.

Apple Is Expected to Launch 3 New iPhones This Year. Here's Everything We Know So Far.

Potential changes include a new three-lens camera system and the ability to use the iPhone as a charging pad for other products.

This New App Lets Everybody Edit Photos Like the Pros

Astropad Mini turns your iPhone into a professional-grade graphics tablet.

Why Tesla Employees Fear Elon Musk, According to One of the Company's Co-Founders

Working under a leader that's as eccentric, brilliant and intense as Musk is sure to come with its fair share of challenges and benefits.

9 of the Biggest Complaints About the Apple Watch

The smartwatch has only been available for a little more than a week, but early adopters and reviewers have already pointed out some of its shortcomings.

10 Things Samsung's New Galaxy Phones Can Do That the iPhone Can't

Rather than cramming tons of new features into the phones, Samsung improved on a few core elements including design, build quality, and the fingerprint sensor.

Samsung anuncia el Galaxy A7

La surcoreana dio a conocer las características de este smartphone, el cual es aún más delgado que el iPhone 6.

Samsung Reportedly Killing Galaxy Alpha Smartphone

The mobile giant is rumored to be discontinuing the Alpha after a few short months on the market.