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The Coin Shortage Is Further Highlighting Cannabis Industry's Payment Problem

As one operator said, "we started running out of quarters, and suddenly we started to feel an impact."

The 'Green Rush' In North America Is Leading To A Serious Boom In Farmland

More and more farmers are trying to jump into the hemp and marijuana business as industry sales continue to grow.

Is The Federal Vote On Legalized Marijuana Actually Meaningless?

Some say the vote is historic, but it may be just more hot air from lifelong politicians.

Control, Transparency in Vaping: Q&A With Airgraft CEO Mladen Barbaric

Airgraft Founder and CEO Mladen Barbaric on how technology is changing the world of cannabis

Is Your Business Ready for 420?

How to prep your dispensary for the biggest day in cannabis.

9 Ways to Be a Better Budtender

Budtenders may be low on the totem pole but their importance as first responders can't be overlooked.

5 Essential Characteristics of a Cannabis Entrepreneur

The cannabis business isn't for everyone. Do you have what it takes?

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