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5 Must-Read Business Books

These tomes have stood the test of time and deliver advice no startup should be without.

Hire Better: Recruiting 2.0

How entrepreneurs are using social networking, blogging and other internet tools to hire the best employees

IPOs Getting Rare

Selling to a larger company is now the way to go. Know how to guide your company to a great sale.

Gonna Be A Tough Year

Survive '09 by reducing expenses and watching cash flow.

Combine Your Green and HR Efforts

Reducing your environmental impact one employee at a time.

Do You Really Need a Business Plan?

The experts aren't so sure--but entrepreneurs like the founders of Roaring lion energy drink say it's a must. here's how to know if writing a business plan is for you.

Change Can Do You Good

A change request from a client led to a whole new line of business for one flexible company.

Pay for Performance

Variable pay plans can save you money--and your employees may prefer them.

Hired Help

The pros and cons of hiring independent contractors.

Is Your Employee Data Secure?

Lock up employee data, or face the consequences.

Costs and Benefits

Should you share your company's financial woes with employees?

Seize the Season

The holidays are the most important time of year for sellers on ebay. are you prepared to profit?

Edge Roundup 07/08

Read up on the other people and trends of the small biz world.

Stay Awhile

Getting hourly employees to stick around doesn't have to be a challenge.

The Young and the Restless

If you rely on teenage workers, you may have noticed there's a shortage. What's going on?