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Leading The Way: A Chat With Candice Bar, Founder And CEO, Luxe Enterprise

"If you don't have anyone positive around you, be ok with being by yourself. Work on yourself daily. Do not compromise, do not give up, do not forget your mission and your why."

To Grow Into Ourselves, We Must First Embrace The Unknown

Growth doesn't happen through freaking yourself out by trying to take a giant leap into the unknown. It is done in increments that don't overwhelm or risk shutdown, but instead reinforce confidence in your ability to expand. 

Here's Why You Should Not "Fake It Till You Make It"

We can only lead people to where we have been ourselves. The problem the coaching and mentoring world is now facing is that everyone sadly seems to think they are a coach or mentor.

Finding Beauty In The Imperfection

"There is beauty in our mess, in our pain, in our suffering, and in our transition from where we are to where we want to be, and even more importantly, who we are and who we want to be."

Keeping It Real: Why Being Your Own Coach Is The Only Life Mantra You Will Need

With enough advice columns on how-to-sell-yourself ; here is one that stands apart. Simply, because it isn't aimed to preach. Yes, you decide whether you want to be an echo or a voice.

How You Can Execute Self-Discipline As You Work On Your Purpose, Project, Or Business

We never will make a meaningful impact or connection, unless we first give people what they want, and then educate them about what they need.

How To Create A Personal Revolution

As a human being, we are designed to achieve incredible things. It's the pursuit of your desire that will get you there.

Here's What It Takes To Write A (Great) Book

Before wasting even a second writing a single word, really get clear on the purpose of your book.

Four Tips To Make Better Decisions In 2017

Making sound decisions helps us navigate through life with more confidence, while also reducing the pain of having to deal with mistakes.

How To Transition Better To The Work Routine After A Vacation

Mark Sephton writes on ways to better handle that transition from vacation mode to getting back into the hustle.

Breaks Lead To Breakthroughs

It's important to remember that, sometimes, to get ahead, we have to stop and take time to refuel.

Eight Ways Entrepreneurs Can Master Negative Internal Dialogue

Start adopting some of the practical steps and take back the power of your own mind.

Four Ways To Hold Yourself Accountable For Success

Here are four ways to take responsibility for the realization of your personal goals.

Stop Sputtering At The Finish Line: Five Energy-Wasters That You Need To Get In Check

Are you a workaholic trying to find a way to keep your energy up and also find time to relax? Are you tired of struggling to keep it all together, while trying to squeeze in enough time to truly enjoy life?