Maureen Meehan

Drake, Killer Mike, Al Harrington and More Want All Non-Violent Cannabis Offenders Pardoned

More than 150 artists, athletes, and social activists remind President Biden of his promise.

Major in Business, Minor in Cannabis: City University of New York Now Offers Degree in Weed

Meant to foster new leaders in the areas of testing, cultivation, business, and health.

The State That Sells the Most Weed May Surprise You

PS: Cannabis dispensaries are doing just fine, according to figures from US Department of Commerce.

Cannabis Crossing the U.S. Southern Border Is More Likely to Be From California Into Mexico

Gone are the days when pot smugglers would catapult bushels of weed using giant slingshots.

BuzzFeed News Has Launched Its Own Cannabis Brand

Sadly it's not called BuzzWeed, a total missed opportunity.

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