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3 Top Energy Stocks to Buy in 2022

What can you expect from the energy sector, what actually makes up the energy sector and what to invest in? Full speed ahead, but a major hint: Analysts have overwhelmingly...

Tech Stocks to Sink Your Teeth into in 2022

Gaining some enthusiasm for tech giants or lesser-known tech stocks? We've put together an overview of tech stocks and three excellent options for 2022 in this piece.

Should You Invest in the Industrial Sector in 2022? 3 Industrial Stocks to Consider

Thinking industrial stocks in 2022? Take a look at three promising stocks to spice up your portfolio.

Financials Sector in 2022: What to Focus on This Year

Should you invest in financials this year? Uh, yeah. (Hint: Fed rate hikes.) Here's what to know. Let's go over what you can expect and some potential investments you may...

Consumer Discretionary Sector: Sterling Picks for 2022

Think you've got it in your head what you want to buy for your portfolio in 2022? No? Consider these choices in the consumer discretionary sector.

Will Real Estate Ever Calm Down? How to Invest in this Wild Sector in 2022

There's no secret that real estate was a dizzying rollercoaster in 2021. If you didn't dip into real estate investing last year, here's a quick summary of what happened:  The...

Do You Have These Consumer Staples in Your Portfolio? Check Out These Must-Haves in 2022

Even if they're less fireworks-like than more exciting investments (more like sparklers that sputter and die out) you can think of consumer staples as a lifeboat in a storm.

Are Dividend Aristocrats in Your Portfolio in 2022?

If you're looking for dividend activity to make its way into your portfolio, consider the Dividend Aristocrats in 2022. Learn why you want to consider these fat cats.

3 Can't-Miss Health Care Stocks for 2022

When you start scanning health care stocks, some common themes emerge: strong balance sheets and cash for mergers and acquisitions, not to mention dividends to line your pockets.

2 Stock Sectors to Invest in for 2022

Feeling bullish in 2022? Of course you are. Check out "2 for 2022" in our sector roundup.

Will SPACs Cool Off in 2022? Alternatives to Consider

Even the hype can't veil what's really happening with SPACs, though investors still seem to want to dip their toes into the SPAC pool. The numbers show that most SPACs...

Can 2021 Stock Market Phenomena Continue Trending Upward Through 2022?

Returns — and the results of unique phenomena in 2021 — may look different in 2022. Will the end of the bull run come closer and the perks (good things)...

Contrarian Investing: Should You Use this Investment Strategy in 2022?

You can't say you've never heard of a contrarian viewpoint if you've never heard or read Warren Buffett's famous quote, "Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others...

Growth Investing: Should You Adopt This Investing Strategy in 2022?

Ready for a new year, a new stock approach? Does growth investing make sense for your portfolio? Let's find out.

Value Investing: Is it a Good Strategy in 2022? (Hint: Always)

Ready for some solid investing strategies in 2022? You can't get more classic than value investing. Decide whether this back-to-basics approach will set you up for success in 2022.

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