Michael Zaytsev

Michael Zaytsev

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Cannabis Business Coach and Author

Michael Zaytsev is an author, entrepreneur and Cannabis business coach. As Founder of High NY, one of the world's largest IRL Cannabis communities, he's helped educate thousands of people about Cannabis and Hemp topics.


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In-Person Cannabis Events Are Making a Comeback

Vaccine rollouts, easing of restrictions in most states, and declining Covid-19 cases have allowed for a return of these established events and opened the door for new cannabis-related experiences to launch.

A Nevada Cultivator Learns Hard Lessons from the Pandemic

Covid-19 hit Nevada hard in every sector. Flower One hopes to reverse that.

Oakland's Social Equity Programs Continue to Leave Every Other City in the Dust

Most recently, Oakland launched the nation's first government-funded cannabis workforce program

Oakland Is Sweet On a Social Equity Incubator for Edibles

A first-of-its-kind social equity kitchen will be home to five equity recipients.

Cannabis Breeders Are Widely Undervalued. This Company Wants To Change That.

Breeder's Best wants the people behind the genetics to be protected and fairly compensated.

This Is Your Brain On Terpenes

We understand very little about the compounds that give cannabis its aroma and flavor. Scientists are hoping to harness and change that.

American Hemp Farmers May Prosper During The Pandemic

A trade deal signed earlier this year has brought much needed investment from an unlikely ally.

4 Greatest Challenges of Being A Multi-State Operator

As cannabis companies continue to outgrow their states, they face myriad of problems unique to their industry.

This Cannabis Brand Scored A Viral Hit -- Thanks To The TSA

An airport security tray is the last place consumers expected to see an ad for cannabis -- which is why it was so memorable.

Some Tips for East Coast Cannabis Entrepreneurs From Colorado's Industry Leaders

Entrepreneurship is never easy but the cannabis business has challenges you just don't see anywhere else.

What East Coast Cannabis Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Colorado

Marijuana industry veterans from the Rocky Mountains offer some blunt advice.

For the Perfect Social-Impact Investment, Look No Further Than Cannabis

Perhaps the final unhappy irony of cannabis prohibition is that the plant is a benign substitute for many problematic products and raw materials.

Hemp Is the Multibillion-Dollar Cannabis Opportunity Few Have Heard About

If the move to make it legal succeeds, entire industries could be revolutionized.

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