Mike Adams


Is Marijuana Bad For Your Heart?

A new study suggests overall safety of the cannabis plant has been vastly exaggerated.

Yes, Your Nurse Is Probably Stoned

Cannabis can help deal with the mental and physical stress that comes with the job.

Are High Marijuana Taxes Really to Blame for the Black Market?

As long as there is a spot of prohibition, there will be criminal organizations.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Finds Federal Marijuana Laws Outdated

Clarence Thomas: If the states are just going to regulate it anyway, what's the point?

Politicians From Legal Marijuana States Won't Vote to Legalize Federally

And it's coming from both sides of the aisle, not just the one you'd expect.

Should Budtenders Be Allowed to Carry Guns?

Options for keeping cannabis dispensaries - and its workers and customers - safe.

Weed Is Legal Almost Everywhere, but Law Enforcement Continues to Crack Down

Most of the 5,000 marijuana-related arrests from last year probably won't end in a prison sentence. Some won't even lead to a conviction.

The 4 Biggest Problems with CBD Products Right Now

Many consumers are snatching up CBD products that may not be all they're cracked up to be.

Will Marijuana Reform Lead to Legalization of Harder Drugs?

Allowing drugs like cocaine, heroin and meth to be produced and sold legally would create an inevitable financial boon for state and local governments. But that doesn't mean it's the smart move.

Would a National Medical Marijuana Market Allow Smoking? Don't Hold Your Breath.

A new study shows cannabis smokers have higher concentrations of dangerous toxins like naphthalene, acrylamide, and acrylonitrile in their system than non-smokers.

Medical Marijuana Not Always an Affordable Alternative to Prescription Drugs

With all the tech advancements in grow ops, and a valiant attempt to eliminate the stoner stereotype from dispensary storefronts, the American pot market has become a bit bougie.

The Federal Government Doesn't Necessarily Have to Legalize Marijuana. This is Why.

All in all, legal marijuana would make just as much for governmental minions as prohibition has. It's just a matter of perspective.

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