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Mitchell Demeter

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What Bitcoin Can Teach us About Decentralized Leadership

Decentralized leadership has evolved to include leaderless entities owned by shareholders and led through democratic processes written into code and regulated through smart contracts. 

3 consejos de un inversor pionero en Bitcoin para ganar dinero a largo plazo

Con tantas distracciones en nuestro mundo inversor, es fácil perder de vista los objetivos a largo plazo. Aquí van algunos de los métodos que he aprendido para mantener la concentración y ganar dinero tras invertir durante las primeras etapas del Bitcoin.

3 Tips From an Early Bitcoin Investor on Winning the Long Game

With so many distractions in our investor world, it's easy to lose sight of long-term goals. Here are methods I've learned to help keep focused.

3 Ways to Stay Motivated Through an Unpredictable Year

As we surpass the year mark of a global crisis, zoom fatigue and WFH burnout are stronger than ever. Here are three tips for helping your team stay motivated regardless of what the rest of 2021 brings.