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Google ahora es dueño de Fitbit

Ambas compañías reiteraron sus compromisos de mantener la privacidad de los datos de los usuarios.

Google Now Owns Fitbit

Both companies reiterated pledges to be device-agnostic and to keep user data private.

Microsoft intentó comprar Nintendo, pero se rieron de ellos

La compañía quería el software de Nintendo para la Xbox original.

Nintendo celebra los 35 años de 'Super Mario Bros.' con una batalla campal para Switch

Lamentablemente, este juego solo estará disponible hasta marzo del próximo año.

Esta fue la burla épica de privacidad de Apple hacia sus competidores

En un mundo donde la privacidad está en la mente de todos, la marca de la manzana aprovechó el CES 2019 para decirle a la industria de la tecnología que es independiente.

Apple Took Out a CES Ad to Troll Its Competitors Over Privacy

In a world where privacy is on everyone's mind, Apple is saying to the technology industry that it stands alone.

The Biggest New Features From Apple Announced at WWDC 2018

Apple will roll out major updates to all its major software platforms.

Uber Fires More Than 20 Employees for Harassment

The company's investigation into harassment in its workplace continues, so more firings may be coming.

Yahoo and AOL Are Part of Verizon's New 'Oath' Brand

Oath will be an umbrella of brands, including Yahoo and some AOL publications.

The Google Assistant Is Coming to Android TV

A forthcoming update will enable you to ask your Android TV device all kinds of questions.

Amazon Completes Its First Drone-Powered Delivery

The first delivery was made in Cambridge, U.K., and took 13 minutes from purchase to drop-off.

I Drove Around Pittsburgh in a Self-Driving Uber

What's surprising about riding in an autonomous car is how boring it can be.