Noa Matz

Noa Matz

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Startup Psychologist | Operating Partner @F2 VC

Noa Matz is a startup psychologist and the operating partner at F2 Venture Capital, an early-stage VC in Tel Aviv. As an expert in founder and startup team dynamics, Matz plays a role in assessing founders during the due diligence process and coaching founders through change for peak performance.

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Investment Bias: Get Rid of the Pesky Impediment to Success

Why being able to spot and stop bias it in its tracks is essential to becoming an effective venture capitalist.

Sesgo de inversión: deshacerse del molesto impedimento para el éxito

Por qué ser capaz de detectar y detener el sesgo en seco es esencial para convertirse en un capitalista de riesgo eficaz.

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